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Retail Dry Cleaning membership and Dry Cleaning Advice has moved to UKTS (UK FAshion and Textile Association)

After careful consideration the TSA Board has agreed to transfer the dry-cleaning side of its membership – with associated services – to the UK Fashion and Textiles Association (UKFT). The decision comes following very positive discussions with UKFT and recognition that the needs of our dry-cleaning members, with the focus on consumers, are different when compared to commercial textile service companies. We strongly believe that UKFT is a closer fit for our members, especially considering the arbitration service.

Philip Wright said "Over the last few years TSA has increased its focus on dry cleaning activities with the successful launch of However, we also recognise more can be done and after very constructive discussions with UKFT have agreed to transfer our dry cleaning division to them, including the arbitration service and we will continue to work closely with UKFT"

Adam Mansell, UKFT CEO, said: “This is a logical move for us as dry cleaning is the end process of all the fabrics and garments our members produce and given our long-term involvement with care labelling. We are committed to maintaining and growing the membership and will continue TSA’s excellent work in the sector, including the mediation service and advice line.

 “TSA has been a long-term federated member of UKFT and we have recently undertaken several joint initiatives including a well-attended seminar that helped garment producers understand the impact of different cleaning processes available. We are delighted to welcome our new members into the fold.”

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Will the UKFT and TSA continue to work together on overlapping areas

YES there will continue to be close collaboration between TSA and UKFT, with TSA remaining an affiliated partner. So there will continue to be close technical collaboration.

Will companies with dry-cleaning and commercial textile services be expected to pay for two subscriptions and not one?

NO, those with both activities will join the organisation depending upon which has the larger turnover. We will ask for a % split of your turnover and sort out allocation of subscriptions accordingly between us. Members will not have to do anything and will be members of both TSA and UKFT.

Will the subscription change?

No the subscription will continue to be calculated according to the TSA’s subscription formula.

What will happen to the arbitration service and phone number?

The dry cleaning arbitration service phone number will remain the same on 020 7 843 9490. The TSA phone number will be 020 3151 5600.

The arbitration service will continue to be managed by the TSA until 30th September 2018 and from the 1st October 2018, UKFT will take over its management. The TSA will complete all outstanding active cases through to completion, but will liaise closely with UKFT.

Because of GDPR, TSA will not transfer information on individuals in relation to past cases to UKFT. All personal information on those whose cases have been managed by the TSA will have their information deleted after 2 years in line with our data policy.