Commercial Laundry

Towels on Conveyor

TSA represent commercial laundry companies and textile rental businesses.

Many people are unaware that the bedlinen and towels they use in a hotel or hospital, the tablecloths in a restaurant or the protective clothing worn in a factory will have been provided by a textile rental company. Textile renters supply and maintain garments and textile products to a wide range of sectors, including hospitality, healthcare and industrial production. Yet as an industry, it is hidden.

Use of a textile rental service provides many benefits. A specialised rental company invests in and holds a comprehensive stock, with no need for the customer to hold costly stocks of their own. The supplier can provide a full cleaning, repair and maintenance service, tailored to the customer’s needs, leaving them free to focus on their core business.

As part of a recognised, professional industry, the rental company operates to high standards of cleanliness and health & safety, complying with all relevant environmental regulations. Like the food industry, its cleaning processes will be based on a system of risk/hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCPs), ensuring the laundry is free of contamination.

Textile rental is an environmentally friendly solution, with a centralised laundry service replacing a proliferation of individual cleaning facilities. The laundry industry is a fast-moving business driven by continuous innovation and improvement in technology and equipment.

The UK laundry sector is worth around £1 billion a year with over 31,700 people employed across 3,700 businesses. Commercial laundries are used by many markets, including hotels and restaurants, hospitals and care homes, gyms and fitness clubs, cruise ships, student accommodation and any company requiring specialised employee clothing or workwear.