Ethical Sourcing

In January 2016, an industry working group got together to discuss Ethical Sourcing and how it affects our industry. The following guidelines were published and TSA Supply Partner members were asked to sign declarations by 2017 if they wished to sign up to the Ethical Sourcing code. It is not a mandatory requirement of the Association membership but we want to highlight to the supply chain that our industry believes and lives by appropriate sourcing in line with ethical standards.

We have taken a third party auditing approach utilising respected, established bodies for our Supply Partner to adhere to, mainly to minimise additional red tape and administration for the companies. TSA, and its Members, always strive to be the leaders of best practice and showcase the due diligence required to run leading businesses.

The below members commit to following the TSA Ethical Sourcing Guidelines on employment and environmental issues and, will do all within their power to ensure their supply chain falls within these lines.

1, Tonrose Group – Gold Supply Partner

2, Vision Support Services – Silver Supply Partner

3, Linen Connect – Silver Supply Partner

4, Richard Haworth - Silver Supply Partner

5, Washing Systems - Silver Supply Partner

6, Sherry Textiles - Supply Partner

TSA Ethical Sourcing Guidelines

On Employment Issues:‐

Members are required to send TSA, on an annual basis, evidence of a satisfactory report from that third party auditor.

The following Organisations would be accepted as operating independently auditable standards to at least the ETI framework requirements:‐

  • Audits to the SA 8000 standard (it is recognised that this is suspended within Pakistan)
  • NHS (LSAS) Level 2
  • Ethical Trade Initiative
  • Sedex Global

Members are also to be aware of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

On Environmental Issues:‐

Members who are compliant with the REACH, protocol on the use of chemicals will be deemed compliant with a TSA Ethical Sourcing Guidelines.

It was agreed that Members who, by 1 September 2018, are purchasing materials only from OEKO‐TEX certified factories, or compliant with Sedex Global, will be deemed compliant with TSA Ethical Sourcing Guidelines.