The textile service sector, whom we serve, adds over £960 billion GVA to the UK economy. Our members process well over 53 million items a week to keep the UK economy and public services running. 

Our Membership includes businesses working in Commercial Laundry and Textile Services, large and small, corporate and family run, serving sectors including Healthcare, Hospitality, Hi-Tech, Construction and wherever carefully sourced, clean, professionally cared for and timely delivered linen, workwear and PPE are required.

Membership is also open to businesses in the supply chain; our Supply Partners. If commercial laundry and textile services are in your supply chain, as customer or provider, Supply Partner Membership could be the most efficient way for you to support the sector and engage with our commercial Members.


Being a Member of the TSA brings a number of benefits to you, but just as importantly, by doing so, you are helping support the growth of our industry. Having been at the coalface for many years as an Operator, I know it’s hard to justify why you should part with the money and it’s not a straight forward value equation. It’s true, in many ways a Non-Member benefits from some of the work we do and this is why we want to get everybody into Membership so that it’s fairer for all. Having been at the helm for 12 months now, my one piece of advice is “If you want to get real value from the TSA, then you need to get involved with some of the activities of the Association” - with everybody on board, we can get so much more done.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve glanced through the following pages, you’ll understand more about the activities we do and why we want your support to help us deliver them; therefore, in anticipation of your support during 2020, and on behalf of the Team, I would like to personally thank you for your Membership and assure you of some exciting times ahead in 2020.

David Stevens, CEO

Important reminder!

As of October 2018, we no longer represent retail Dry Cleaning businesses, if you only provide Dry Cleaning services, please contact UKFT at which is now the Trade Association for this sector.

However, if you provide BOTH Commercial Laundry AND Dry Cleaning services, and Commercial Laundry/Textile services represent the majority of your business, you are eligible for TSA membership, please contact us.

To become a Member of the TSA, please get in touch with us at or call 0203 151 5600