In the olden days...Textile Care Services looked like this

Black and white photos of Hillingdon Laundry almost a century ago
© TSA and Hillingdon

Today, Textile Care Services looks more like this

Modern laundries today - CLEAN Linen, Bag Track, and Camplings Laundry
© TSA and Members Image on the right courtesy of Camplings Linen, taken by Simon Finlay - www.simonfinlay.com


Some Historic Dates in TSA's Changing History


Five-Year strategy implementation commences.

TSA secure the development of an English industry apprenticeship for Textile Care Services with the Institute of Apprenticeships.


A new Chief Executive comes on board to steer the Association through a new, proactive strategy focussed on raising the profile of the hidden textile rental industry. Five-Year Strategy is written.


Climate Change Agreement for the industry comes into effect, negotiated by TSA


The organisation agrees on a new, all-encompassing name: Textile Services Association (TSA)


Reflecting the evolving nature of the industry, the organisation renames itself the Association of British Laundry Cleaning and Rental Services Ltd


The association becomes the Institute of British Launderers and Cleaners Ltd, changing to the Association of British Launderers and Cleaners Ltd two years later


The Worshipful Company of Launderers is founded


The name is changed to the Institution of British Launderers Ltd (‘Institution’ becoming ‘Institute’ in 1955)


The association becomes the National Federation of Launderers Ltd


The name is changed to Launderers’ Association Ltd


The National Laundry Association is founded in the UK, quickly becoming the National Laundry Trade Protection Association


The first hand-cranked mangle is invented, marking the beginning of laundry mechanisation